Move towards the darkness,

And smile.

I forget...
I forget how much I miss online communities...and how much I miss making icons, fanart, and fanfiction.

Life is such a bitch.

It takes away all my free time and energy.

I will be back eventually...cause I want to write and draw and dammit I NEED to.

I don't even know who even watches me anymore. I mean I guess this may be just for me...but that's okay.

I'm pregnant...bout to give birth to a small human being. It's very exciting. Maybe during my 3 month maternity leave I can do some fanworks.

God I miss my Supernatural works and my Tinman stuff. I miss it so much.

WiP - Dean/Merman!Cas - Fanart
 This here is the fanart I did that inspired me to take on the "The Little Mermaid" prompt over at dc_everafter.

Pairing: Prince!Dean/Merman!Cas
Warnings: sexxins, inter-species erotica (lol!)
Rating: NC-17
Maybe more later? I have more pics, but I dunno if anyone wants to see them yet.

A Bloody Rendezvous pt 1/? - Tom Hanniger/Paul Bernardo
 I don't even know...
Seriously...Please don't judge me too harshly on this.
As an AN, please realize that I realize that Paul Bernardo is a true-blue sick bastard and the memories of the people he hurt and the families of those people are still very much alive and very much REAL.
That being said, please keep in mind that this is FICTION (FANfiction at that) and the characters here are absolutely based on the characters that are in the MOVIES...
Title: A Bloody Rendezvous part-1/? (Tom's point of view)
Author: Goldbryn
Pairing: Tom Hanniger/Paul Bernardo (Tom, Jensen's character from My Bloody Valentine, and Paul, Misha's character in Karla)
Warning: Non-Con/Dub-Con, blood, some gore, violence, swearing, mental and physical abuse, murder
Summary: Tom escaped the cave in and is on the run in case they discover that it's not HIS mutilated body back in tunnel 5. While sitting in a bar, he and Harry have their next victim practically throw themselves in front of them.
Part 2 will be Paul's PoV - Having gotten off on a legal technicality 10 years after his imprisonment, Paul picks up and leaves to find a small town who HASN'T heard of him and his trial. During one of his stops on the road, he comes across one Tom Hanniger.
After those 2 parts, it'll be general PoV.
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An Update of Life and Current Fan Works I'm working on...
 SO! Just came away from Spring Break...My fiancée and I traveled north to go see his folks in New York and the night we were making our way to MY parents house (so we could catch the train from town the next morning), I was overtaken by a pain I have never even dreamed of. It crippled me, made me wish I was dead, and effectively turned me into a crying little bitch.
I was rushed to the emergency by my significant other and my mom (my MOMMY cause I WANTED her there, omg), and it was discovered (4 hours, morphine, and a cat scan later) that I had a nice little kidney stone making it's home in my kidney and ureters. Damn it all.
So the start of my break AWAY from the pain and misery that was teaching art for the last month, was to be in pain and misery during my new york trip.
Luckily the real pain on continued through the next couple of days, and I was able to lead a semi-uneventful vacation thru the rest of the week.
But really? It sucked 7 kinds of ASS!
Now I'm back at school, teaching art to kids who are already mentally checked out for the year, and waiting with bated breath for the end of year exams and graduation. close.
On an actual FAN-based note...I'm currently working on a few things...
Things I'm currently writing on...
-An Angel and His Dog pts. 2&3
-The Little Merman –for the dc_everafter  comm! So excited for this...
and I'm currently contemplating a Tom Hanniger/Paul Bernardo slash crossover fic cause I heard someone request one FOREVER ago in a comm and I JUST watched both of the movies (My Bloody Valentine & Karla) and I think I just want to write something awful and dark and non con and abusive and bloody and just ...well...AWFUL
If you read my journal and have any comment on this idea, please let me know...I love knowing whether I should sully myself or not ^_~
(but oh chuck, is it wrong for me to WANT to!?)
I'm also working on a number of drawings...most are fanart pics for my "My Little Merman" fic...some tame and one that's very naughty...I don't know if I can put them up till the fic goes up in July...But since they won't be spoilerish, I might just go ahead for character design's sake.
Hey...those of you few who might actually read and respond to this...have any requests...for art or even fics? Just curious...I like having a reason to finish things and a request is a good way to make me do things! lol.
well that's all there is, there isn't anymore.

smack a bitch





ASFL#KJASF*&AS!*angry face*LKA:ALSKD!@#LM:!:
scream, dean
So my computer is DEAD...well's on the "Death Rattle" stage.
The kick in the pants? A freakin' program called WindowsRestore is fuckin it up! dammit all.

I Lost a Dean/Cas pic I was workin' on in photoshop. I'm just hopin' I can retrieve it before my hard-drive dies COMPLETELY! was an epic sexin' pic.

I'm on a mermaid!cas trip...I wanna write a fanfic based on the pics I keep drawing, but I dunno if anyone would even wanna read it.

ah well.

off to mourn my compy!

on a better note--getting a new gaming computer--means better photoshop activity

Away We Go - SPN Snapshot MasterTable! Dean/Castiel (of course!)
So here's the snapshot that I will be trying to fill up...I always start these to help me get over my artist blocks...but I never finish them. Wish me luck with this one...I WANT to finish it.

Theme 14

01.animal 16.kiss 21.sunshine 07.victory 22.hug 27.laughter 08.warm 13.soft 18.clean 23.alive 28.friends
04.healing 09.relaxing 24.kindness 29.hope 15.banter 25.shiny 30.rainbow

FANART for Blue, NOT Fluffy, Unicorns NOT Dancing On Rainbows (by Ikira)
This here is Dean, Castiel, and Sam from ikira 's awesome fanfic "Blue, NOT Fluffy, Unicorns NOT Dancing On Rainbows" ( fanfic here! )

I have Gabe and Bobby also drawn...just not colored.

This is how "I" see them as described in the fic...some artistic license was taken to make them retain a bit of their original



FIC: Of Feathers and Shadows 5/5 + short epilogue
Title:  Of Feathers and Shadows (pt 5/5) = short epilogue
Author:  goldbryn 
Rating:  PG (for now) slight PG-13 for stray thoughts and man kissin
Genre and/or Pairing:  Dean/Cas
Spoilers: for knowing who Balthazar is and what he did.
Warnings:  None so far...eventual language
Summary: Dean starts to see glimpse of Cas' wings...and then starts to see them all the time...Why is it happening and will it change things between them?

Chapter 1  --  Chapter 2  --  Chapter 3 -- Chapter 4

Part 5/5 and epliogue through here...Collapse )


FANART-sketches of a Dean and Cas variety
Here's some sketches that I has done that have not been either inked and colored with traditional means, or lined and colored in photoshop.
They're just silly lil pics.
Lame Sketches Be Through Here!Collapse )


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