Move towards the darkness,

And smile.

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Woah I- read an amazing interspecies fic (Dean/Cas) a few days back and might have developed a thing for that, which is why this pic is perfect for me at the moment! XD >///<

Very interesting concept! Prince Dean and merman Cas ;p hehe
Why not post the rest? I know I want to see them :D

aw thank you...the rest, for now, are all character concept pics for that fic I'm it's not all Dean/Cas yet. When I have more blatant dean/cas interactions then I'll throw those up.
Glad ya like!
OH! What was that fic...if you can recall...I love fics like that -^_^-!!

Oh character concepts are so tempting to draw, aren't they? ^^ I'm glad you're writing the fic too! Can't wait to read it ;D

Hmm it's a tentacle fic (be warned), Cas is an octopus-human hybrid or something XD
Here's the link:

>_> I am not one to judge...ESPECIALLY when I kinda like the same stuff...
mmm...tentacles + cas + dean = amazing-thing-i-didn't-know-exsisted!

Oh I kid you not, it is highly recommended, mydear!


I just saw a showcase on Animal Planet about the possible existence of mermaids, and got into the same idea on scribbling a few myself! XD

Love that fic! it was epic...
seriously though, I LOVE the tentacle stuff...I used to read a crap ton of Tenta-Spy in the TF2 fandom. LOVE IT!

And I'd like to see more fanart myself...there's sadly a lack of it!!!


(Deleted comment)
Thank you! I enjoy drawing ears...^_^ heh

Another comment by me...

HMMM...delish! XD (I hope I don't come out as a "sick" person for showing such interest!)

no way! I like it too...hence why i draw it ^_~

Unf, that's right Merman!Cas, impale that Dean. Show 'im who's the boss. XDD
Sexy! Makes me want to read some interspecies Destiel loving~

lol ty! read that fic linked in the first couple of's amazing!

Uh, wow, VERY HOT! I'd LOVE to see more! :D

thank you thank you! There will be more...promise!!

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